What makes the magic?

All of your favourite princesses

We have all of your favourite princesses right here! All of them look like they have just stepped out of a fairytale!

 ☆ Princess Jasmine ☆ Belle ☆ Rapunzel ☆ Snow White ☆ Sleeping Beauty ☆ Islander Princess ☆ Ice Princesses ☆ Cinderella ☆Ariel ☆ Pocahontas ☆ 

☆Ask us about our charming princes!☆

Fun princess themed games

All our princesses love a good game and we are sure your princess will love them too! Our princesses will play an array of games with your little darling and her guests. What is even more magical is that all little ones present will win a prize!

☆ Frozen Statues ☆ Princess Says ☆ Sleeping Princesses ☆ Fairy Godmother May I? ☆ Poison Apple Dash ☆ Pass the Parcel ☆

☆All prizes provided by us! ☆

Magical princess acitivies

Our princesses really do bring the magic with them with these princess activities! Glitter makeovers and princess lessons are just a few of the enchanting activities we offer!

☆ Princess Makeover ☆ Royal Coronation ☆ Princess Etiquette Lessons ☆ Story Time & Story Performance ☆ Tinkerbell Fairy Dust Wish ☆ Princess Parade  ☆ 

Beautiful voices for beautiful songs!

All of our princesses sing to truly create a day to remember. After performing a solo song, our princesses get everyone to join in for a fun-filled sing along with dancing!

☆ All princesses are trained singers ☆ Request your little princess' favourite song ☆ Themed dancing ☆

Royal Coronation

The most magical moment your little princess could ever dream of! The moment her favourite princess  declares she is officially a princess too! Our Royal Coronation ceremonies truly are magical. 

☆ Free Tiara ☆ Magic Wand ☆ Royal Oath Recital ☆ Official Princess ☆ 

Even more magic..

Yes, there's more!

☆ Gift for Birthday Girl ☆ Princess leads Happy Birthday Song with cake ☆ Photo Opportunities ☆ Personalised Party Playlist ☆ 


Ask us about our optional extras:

☆ Bubble Machine ☆ Snow Machine ☆ Disco Lights  ☆ 

We can tailor all games and activities to truly create a unique and magical experience for your little ones.  

To make things even more magical we are offering a fantastic 10% off all bookings made in May! Book today to make your little one's dreams come true.